Our Short History

How gemSync came into being

GEM Custom Apps (aka GEM Computer Solutions) is a software development company. We started using Autotask back in 2012. We were also using Sage One Accounting (or Pastel My Business Online as it used to be called). As a business with the purpose of solving business challenges, it became quite apparent that we needed to automate the very manual process of reproducing invoices from Autotask into Sage/Pastel.

While we were thinking up ways of automating this mundane process, we attended the first User Group that Autotask put together in sunny Johannesburg. With Autotask being designed for MSPs, we were the only software development company represented at the user group. Through some conversation, it turned out that we were most definitely not the only ones wanting an integration of sorts.

This led us to design and build gemSync as an off-the-shelf SaaS offering that could benefit the Autotask community rather than just ourselves.

We spent well over 500 hours of development putting version one together, and launched it in 2013. We’ve made a number of improvements since then, and continue to work on improving the system all the time.

About Gem

The company behind gemSync

Passionate about solving business challenges with effective IT solutions

At GEM we create and implement IT solutions that solve problems. We drive business efficiency through the use of the correct tools, technology and automation.

We develop custom software, create scalable cloud infrastructure, and manage your technology systems so that IT helps you run your business.

Perhaps you need a value-add app for your customers, an in-house workflow system, or a lead generation website. We can provide the website, mobile app and software development services you need to improve your business.

Your business and customer communications systems are critical. We offer enterprise-grade solutions, with financially backed SLA’s ensuring your team and customers can collaborate regardless of location and device